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Build Your Fortune by Generating
Your Own Opt-In Qualified Leads

The Automatic Lead Capture Database Building System is designed to Capture Leads to automatically build an Opt-In Contact Database for the purpose of automatic Autoresponder message follow-up.

We Custom build your Lead Capture Page (LCP) Minisite for any Business that you want to promote on the Internet. Plus, we provide you with a Traffic Generation System that can be used to generate Targeted Traffic to your LCP or all of your LCPs at the same time.

The Fortune is in the Follow-up

By setting up an LCP Minisite for the Business that you promote on the Internet, you will have a system in place that will allow you to automatically:

  • Generate Targeted Traffic to Your LCP(s)

  • Present Key Facts about your Business
  • Offer the visitor Additional Information
  • Capture Contact Information
  • Build an Opt-In Contact Database
  • Re-direct to your Primary Business Site
  • Follow-up with Scheduled Autoresponder Messages
  • Track the Effectiveness of your Ad Campaign

The LCP Minisite is built to present prospects with the quick and eye-catching FACTS about your Internet Business. A LCP Minisite is simple and attractive with excellent Ad Copy. It explains only the Key points of your business and if the prospect sees any value in your opportunity, they will submit their information which will build your Opt-In Contact Database and start the Follow-up process. By Following-up with your prospects, you can increase your Sales conversion by 200%.

The Money Is In The Database

To help drive traffic to your LCP, you will use the GetWebHits Traffic Generation service to blast your Ad to 1.5 million websites per day. All with 1-click ease! You will also be able to send over 1 Million Spam-Free
emails per day to our leads 100% risk free from our servers!

There is also a service that allows you to 1-click submits to 45 of the top search engines. Nothing to download... use these tools from our servers! You will generate Thousands of targeted Visitors! Just login and start advertising your business! This service will generate Targeted Traffic to your LCP to build your Opt-In Contact Database for follow-up in Auto-pilot mode.

There is no limit to the number of LCPs that you can promote using this LCP Database System. By using this system along with the GetWebHits Traffic Generation Service, you will be able to drive massive targeted traffic to your Lead Capture Page (LCP) to build your Database and Follow-up with your generated Leads to convert those Leads into Sales.

Your Lead Capture Database System will consist of the following Components

  • Registered Domain Name

  • Website Hosting Server
  • Contact Database
  • Scheduled Autoresponder
  • Lead Capture Page Minisite
  • GetWebHits Traffic Generator
  • Ad Campaign Tracker

Cost of the LCP Database System

  • Domain Name Registration

$ 9.95/Year *

  • Website Hosting Server (50 Megs)

$30.00 Per Quarter *

  • Website Hosting Server Setup

$24.00 One-Time

  • Contact Database / Autoresponder /

    Ad Tracker Purchase and Setup

$90.00 One-Time

  • Lead Capture Page Design

$45.00 One-Time

  • GetWebHits Traffic Generator 


$99.00 Per Year *

    Total for the System

$297.95 One-Time, $30.00 / Quarter

* The first annual Domain Registration fee, the first quarterly Server
   Hosting fee, and the first year for the GetWebHits Traffic Generation    Service are included in the $297.95 payment.

Important: Our Automatic Lead Capture Database System is capable
of promoting multiple Lead Capture Pages (LCP) at the same time where each LCP represents a different business. The first LCP is included in the original cost of the system. But all additional Custom-designed LCPs will cost only $45 for each additional page. There is no additional cost for hosting as long as you use Sub-directory Domains. But if you use a high level Domain Name for your additional LCPs, the hosting would increase by a factor of $2.00 for each additional LCP with a high level domain.

Samples of Our LCP Minisites
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So How Do You Get Started?
(There is just One Step to Purchase your LCP Database System)

You need to find the "Order Now" button below which links directly to our Secure Payment Processor. By clicking the order link you will make a one-time payment of $306.95 ($297.95 + $9.00 Processing Fee) to complete the purchase of your Automatic Lead Capture Database System.

After your purchase, you will be re-directed to our "Request for Service"
Form. There you will be prompted for your Contact Details, info to Register your Domain Name, and other Website Information that we will need to research and design a LCP Minisite suitable for your specific business.

I will contact you with any questions needed to complete the project, but feel free to give me a call or send me an email at any time. We also have weekly Online Conference Training Meetings for those that purchase our Lead Capture Database System.

You will be able to attend these meetings at no cost to receive Database Training and additional Traffic Generation Tools to help you succeed with this system. These meetings are held each Tuesday at 8:00pm CST. After your purchase of this system, you will be emailed the link to download and install our Online Conference Software. 

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To Your Success,
Paul Mitchell, CEO